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You can recycle up to 50% or more of the material you set out for collection. Find your area's recycling rate (%) View List

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Oliver Beach, Harwood Park, Bird River

Data displayed below is for December 2014

Recycling Rate11.2%
Tons of Recycling55
Tons of Trash436
Number of Households4,881

How does your area stack up? View the recycling rates for your area.

Baltimore County Average Residential Recycling Rate and Tonnages

The goal for Baltimore County is to have an average residential recycling rate of 50%. The average recycling rate in 2013 was 16.3%.

Chart displaying the average recycling rate for Baltimore County at 14.8%.

In 2013, only 16.3% of Baltimore County's total amount of residential material collected was recycled.

Why Recycle?

 Image of a landfill

Baltimore County's only active landfill is half full. Recycling diverts materials from going in the landfill, thereby extending landfill life. View more reasons to recycle.

What More Can I Recycle at Home?

View the list of acceptable materials for recycling collection.

Recycle Beyond Your Home

See how much more can be recycled at the County's drop-off facilities.

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